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Restore Multi-Purpose Beauty Oil

"The only product I found that got rid of a persistent dry patch on my forehead. Even the prescriptions didn't work! I will buy this again!" -Dolores

A perfect little miracle oil pen that can help rebuild collagen, soothe inflammation and calm dry patches. 


Use on cuticles, dry patches, scars, and rashes. Twist the bottom of the pen until the oil saturates the bristles, brush directly onto skin and nails.  

Looks and Smells Like:

 A rich oil with a very subtle citrus scent. 

Key Ingredients:

lemon, rosemary, myrrh, carrot seed, sweet orange. 

ZERO: Preservatives, fragrances, phthalates, toxins



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

As someone who has acne scars and sun spots, I have always been self conscious of those, and have tried to find something to “restore” those parts of my skin. THIS IS IT. This syrum has greatly helped with the pigmentation of my skin!

Works Great

Been using for a week. There is a noticeable improvement around my nails and cuticles.

Real Deal

My daughter had two major surgeries last year leaving her with an 8 inch scar down her belly and a thin 4 inch scar on her neck. I have been applying the everything oil to her scars frequently for approximately the last 6 weeks. My hope was it would help with the neck scar but I thought the belly scar was a lost cause. Today, her belly scar is no longer purple but skin colored and while of course visible, blends in with her skin. Her neck scar is only visible upon close inspection. Thank you Brevity!! I should mention we have tried a lot of lotions, creams and serums. My daughter’s clear favorite is the everything oil she likes the smell and loves the “paint brush” application. Thank you again Brevity!!

Perfect Product Perfect Price!

I have 5 of these pens. I keep one in with my bathroom toiletries, one in my purse and one in my car. I have thyroid issues and my nails bare the brunt of it. I put this on my cuticles many times during the day. I've never had them look so nice. I'm in accounting and work with clients and was always ashamed of my hands because often they would bleed around the nail. I'm sure it is great for many other applications.