Love Our Mustard Bath? Here's a Recipe You Can Make At Home!

Love Our Mustard Bath? Here's a Recipe You Can Make At Home!

Brevity's Soothe, Calming Mustard Bath was the 4th product we launched, just a few months after we opened our online store. It quickly became a favorite among moms whose kiddos suffer from itchy, dry, and rashy skin. It remains our top seller amongst athletes. Runners and Weightlifters, in particular, use it as an after-workout soak. The benefits of each ingredient have scientific backing and work better than other chemical-ridden, foul-smelling options out there. I will site a few research studies throughout this blog if you are geeky like me, and want to see how the natural ingredients perform in research and clinical trials.  

With cold season upon us, Soothe is a good go-to for combatting stuffy noses, congestion and sinus pressure. Gotta love eucalyptus! 

Just like all of our products, we make Soothe in small batches to ensure that every ingredient is fresh and of the highest quality. This product actually has roots in my childhood. My mom would make her version of mustard bath whenever we needed relief from dry skin conditions or a common cold. Below is her simple recipe, with some options for additions based on your needs. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you could make a few jars of this and give it to friends this year. A truly perfect gift for anyone you love. 


So here goes. 

*This recipe is mess-free, and won't discolor the tub. This size batch is good for about 8 baths using 2-3 heaping spoonfuls per bath.*

What you'll need: 


  • A large glass bowl
  • Three 8 oz mason jars and lids
  • A wire whisk
  • 16 oz bag or box of water extracted baking soda (most baking sodas are extracted chemically, so make sure you get something clean. We like Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda) (baking soda is a good anti-inflammatory for irritated skin)
  • 2 oz organic ground mustard ( good for congestion, sore muscles, and itchy skin )
  • 1oz organic rosemary, ground to a fine powder in blender or mortar and pestle (good for easing stress, and promotes healing of the skin.)
    (here’s a great experiment linking rosemary to healing skin, and fighting skin cancer)
  • About 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil (great for relieving cold symptoms, fighting viruses, bacterial and fungal infections, relieving sore muscles and joints and healing wounds and stimulating the immune system. Here is an article that links many studies.) 


To make: 

Put everything in the glass bowl. Use clean hands to break apart any chunks of baking soda and mix gently with your whisk. Divide into three mason jars. 


Some optional additions: 


  • Calendula flowers, ground (this is amazing for those suffering from dry skin conditions like eczema.)
  • Arnica flowers, ground (a perfect addition for athletes that need a boost in relief from sore muscles)
  • Tea tree oil (if you are using this as a foot soak there is nothing better to combat fungus, which is a leading cause of severely dry and cracked feet.) 



We hope you get a chance to play with your own recipe of Soothe, and perhaps it will become a staple in your house, too. Thanks for reading! 


With love and Gratitude, 


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