Infused Body Oil - A Very Easy DIY with tons of skin benefits!

Infused Body Oil - A Very Easy DIY with tons of skin benefits!

I recently took a few twigs from a lilac bush and put the blossoms in a blend of my favorite skin-nourishing oils, stuck the jar in a dark corner in my cabinet, and plan to pull it out in a few months and make some whipped body cream. It smells divine. 


Below is what you need to infuse an oil fit for your beautiful skin. There are lots of iterations so creativity is encouraged here. 

What you need: 

  • a 12 oz glass jar with a lid
  • your favorite skin-friendly blossoms or herbs, fresh or dried is fine. (I like lilacs, calendulas, arnica, rose, or lemon balm, but the options are endless)
  • your favorite skin-friendly oils like olive, almond, grape seed, hemp, almond. If you are a newbie to DIY skincare I suggest you use olive oil is a great baseline oil to see if you respond better to heavier (avocado, coconut) or lighter oils (hemp, grapeseed). 
  • time, love, and excitement. 


Here's what to do: 

1. Fill your jar up about 3/4 full with your blossoms or herbs. 

2. Fill the jar with oil to the top. 

3. Set in a dark corner of your cabinet for 6-12 weeks before use.


That's it! 

Next up: How to use your oil to make an amazing, silky smooth, naturally fragrant body cream.... So good!