Why Small Batches? Because Ingredients Matter in Skincare.

Why Small Batches? Because Ingredients Matter in Skincare.

Brevity’s products are made in small batches on purpose. Here are just three reasons why:

  1. Ingredients Matter

Every ingredient used is sourced from other small businesses, apothecaries, and beekeepers. Which means we get them fresh, and in smaller quantities than the big guys. It also means the ingredients are of the highest quality because everyone involved knows exactly where they came from. 

  1. Freshness

We don’t use preservatives, toxins, artificial fragrances and other lab-created materials in our products. We want every single ounce of product to be plant-based goodness that your skin eats up. Oils, like everything else in nature, can breakdown over time, especially delicate essential oils. Small batches ensure that your Deep Moisture, whipped skin cream was made within the month of purchase. Can the big brands claim that? 

  1. You Aren’t Paying for Waste (MOST IMPORTANT!)

If a large lotion manufacturer makes 3,000 units of lotion and 1,000 units never sell, the manufacturer either has to give the product away or (more likely) throw it away. In an effort to not lose money, they will roll over that loss into the next batch of products. You pay for more than just ingredients when you purchase main-stream products. You are also paying for unused, damaged goods, unsold products, unneeded packaging, and multiple shipping expenses. When you buy small-batch products, rest assured most of your dollars are paying for the high-quality ingredients, and not much else.


Every single raw ingredient that goes into these products is first seen, examined for quality, tested and smelled. Brevity won’t give up quality for quantity.