Why Brevity? A Message from the Owner

Why Brevity? A Message from the Owner

There are so many amazing products out there for your skin — incredible products made by incredible companies. And people always ask me what makes Brevity different? Why should you try my products on your skin, or your kiddo's dry patches, instead of (literally) anything else? The answer to this question is nuanced and encompasses everything from formulation to company values. 

I created Brevity because I wanted better products for me and my family, and more importantly, I wanted to ensure I was supporting a company that lived up to my standards. A company that people would be proud to support. Here is my "why," and what I tell people when they are asking what their "why" should be: 

Scientific Formulation: Anyone can make body butter with ingredients in their kitchen, and in fact, this is a practice I fully support. But more importantly, I support Science. Every single ingredient in Brevity products has been relentlessly researched to ensure that it's delivering results for your dry, itchy, rashy skin. I'm not talking about a google search or blog post. I'm talking deep dives into peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials. Most of these natural ingredients outperform pharmaceutical creations not only when it comes to combatting skin conditions, but also in combatting things like depression, addiction, and over-all well-being. The science is out there, and I have spent over 20 years reading every line of it. 

Ethics: We source our ingredients and packaging from other small businesses based in the US. This will never change. More than that, we practice ethics in every avenue of our business, especially when it comes to our customers. You are trusting Brevity, and we trust you. It's pretty simple. 

Quality Standards: Every single ingredient in our products are sourced from great companies. This is also why we make things in small batches in a sterile environment. We're also federally insured and compliant with every FDA regulation and best practice. 

Environmental Impact: Our products are entirely natural and organic, and made with vegan and plant-based sustainable ingredients. (All products are vegan with the exception of batch 5, which contains raw honey and beeswax.) The packaging is either reusable or 100% recyclable. When we ship orders, we reuse the bubble wrap and biodegradable packaging peanuts that our ingredients and packaging came to us in. We use 100% recyclable boxes and make a point to use strong boxes to encourage you to reuse them. Every little bit counts. 

Support of Companies with the Same Values: This is a biggie. If you've followed us for a while, you know we support small manufacturers. We source our beeswax from a 4th generation family beekeeper (basichoney.com) that keeps his bees far from commercial crops to make 100% certain they aren't contaminated with pesticides. We source our herbs, oils, and essential oils from a company (mountainroseherbs.com) committed to clean soil, zero waste, and sustainability. Sure, they are a bit more expensive but we support their values and you can't put a price on that. 

All that said, I am a firm believer, that there is plenty of success to go around, and I am not interested or even willing to compete with another great company or product line for business if that product is a better fit for you. In fact, I love and support my peers in this industry and celebrate their success. I have talked to people who want to do what I do and eagerly shared my knowledge with them. I've talked to people who've established successful brands and picked their brains and shared war stories. Collaboration and positivity is the foundation of this company's values. That is the energy I want to project into this industry, into my community, onto my children, and into the world. So, of course, the practice would be a part of Brevity.  

With Love and Gratitude, 


(picture courtesy of @twolittlestolove on Instagram)