Top Six Ways People Are Using Renew Serum Daily

Top Six Ways People Are Using Renew Serum Daily

Renew is a flagship product, and the reason Brevity came to fruition. This product has natural healing ingredients that tackle dryness, irritation, and inflammation. It is a fan favorite and a staple in my purse and powder room. Here is how people are using it: 

1. Daily Moisturiser for Oil-Prone Skin: 

The mist is super fine, and the witch hazel acts as an antiseptic that can tackle bacteria in oily skin, sweet almond oil is a lightweight oil that can moisturize without heaviness. Even oily skin can be dry, and if you skip moisturizer, your skin will just produce more oil to counter the dryness. This mist can end the cycle. 

2. Under a Sunscreen Favorite Lotion: 

For those with normal to dry skin, the mist is a perfect addition to protect your skin from the elements underneath a sunscreen or lotion. I spray renew on any dry patches or itchiness and then top it with Deep Moisture body cream. 

3. Sunburns: 

Food grade aloe juice cools, soothes, and heals, sunburns. Which hazel prevents infection of damaged skin, and sweet almond oil adds natural moisture and lipids back to the top layers of the skin. This is an amazing mist for sunburn! 

4. Over Makeup

This serum is a favorite over makeup. You can mist this over makeup, without running the risk of having "runniness" or flaking. After a few hours of makeup, I always feel like my skin needs a little refresh, and apparently, customers agree. 

5. Rashes, Eczema, Dry Patches

Renew is just as good with rashes as it is with sunburn. A rashy toddler is what prompted this formulation to begin with, and 

6. For Little Humans

All of the Brevity products, including Renew, is perfect for babies. They are free of parabens, preservatives, toxins and not diluted with water. Rich in natural oils, aloe, and essential oils make these products great for all ages and skin types.

You can purchase Renew here.  

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