The Science Behind Sweet: Orange Essential Oil

The Science Behind Sweet: Orange Essential Oil

 Orange essential oils- who knew something that smelled so sweet could be such a powerful bacteria-killing agent? It’s no doubt going the natural route is better, but you may be wondering exactly how essential oils are putting in the work to fight against the harmful invasion of fungus and bacteria.

The refreshingly fragrant orange essential oil comes from the peel of the Bingtang sweet orange. The specific chemical composition of this power-packed fruit has everything you need to effectively fight fungus and bacteria. A study conducted by the International Journal of food and Science Technology “showed that the essential oil had a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activities against {many different bacterial strains]”.  The orange essential oil's chemical composition is “principally of d-limonene, 94%, and myrcene at about 3%” which create the perfect chemical combination to arm up against unwanted bacteria. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that D-limonene is used to safely dissolve cholesterol and because of it’s “gastric acid neutralizing effect… it has also been used for relief of heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux” and is even used to prevent cancer. (1) The myrcene found in orange oil is another way it makes it the most effective essential oil in reducing inflammation in the body. This study published by the European Journal of Medical Research showed that “myrtol standardized and other essential oils” are able to help lower inflammation for “patients with chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease.” (2)The essential oils keep working internally to help arm up and regulate the body’s defense system.

There are many different uses for essential oils. In fact, they’re so good at doing their job, they’re even being used as natural preservatives. Using natural ingredients to protect natural products, why didn’t we think of this before?  With the public’s realization that synthetic preservatives can be detrimental to our own health, science is looking to essential oils in order to naturally protect the food we consume. By utilizing the antimicrobial properties found in essential oils, we can now protect against “microorganisms can potentially cause food-borne illness… cause undesirable reactions that deteriorate flavor, odor, color, sensory, and textural properties of foods.” (3)

There’s no reason to ever doubt the power of natural remedies, for there’s science to back up its miraculous essential powers. For the best defense, essential oils are the answer; not to mention they smell delicious. 






Written by Kesia Cameron, Contributor