The Science Behind Skincare Research: An Introduction

The Science Behind Skincare Research: An Introduction

The Science Behind Skincare Research:


Do you really know what’s in your favorite products?


Ok, so we all read labels, at least on occasion. Sometimes we take note and do a little googling on an ingredient or two. We read a blog post, we read reviews, we watch a video or read chat threads. We may even base our decisions to buy, or not buy, a product based on the unpronounceable thing on the label. But, are we really researching correctly?


Do you know the fatty acid profile of shea butter and how it can interact with your skin? Do you know if the processing of that butter or the addition of another ingredient (cough: water) has harmed, or neutralized the benefit you intended to get from the ingredient? Do you know if the product was heated to a temperature that could destroy some of the beneficial lipids in the shea, thus rendering the lotion you just bought nothing more than a useless putty?


In addition to this, do you know how the company sources the ingredients in your products? Is it ethical? Is it making opportunities for the little guy? Is it pure? Do you trust it? Because if none of those are true, then you can’t trust the product to deliver on its promises to you.


In creating Brevity, I asked those questions and many more of every single ingredient I use in my formulations. We have a lot of ground to cover here, from oils to aloe, to your favorite essentials.


In every post I will link the sources to my research, which will never include anecdotal evidence like blogs, testimonials etc. but actual science-based and in some cases peer-reviewed studies. This is real research.


Let’s get started.