The Balm is Here: Why Brevity’s CBD (Cannabinoid) Balm is Pretty Amazing.

pic of this super cool balm

Well, it's here. The "official” release is set for next month, but we coudn't wait a second longer.

Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited.  While the cannabinoid distillate is the star of the show, the other ingredients are just as important, and I wanted to give you a few reasons why.

So, Let’s begin:


The Other Oils:

Nearly 99% of CBD salves and balms use either coconut oil or olive oil as their main ingredient. While I love those oils, and they have a host of benefits to the skin, it didn’t make sense in this case because of the oil absorption rates.

Let me clarify: Every oil absorbs into our skin at different rates and depths. Certain "dry"oils absorb quickly and deeply. They don't leave a greasy residue. Other oils have a slow absorption rate and stay closer to the surface of the skin, rather than sinking in deeply. Olive and coconut oils have a lower absorption rate. (This is why I love them, because they stay where your skin needs them most, but also why they aren't best for therapeutic balms.)

Our Balm is about delivering CBD and other cannabinoids deeper into the skin, where the benefit is greater. Using oils that assist that delivery was a no-brainer for Brevity. 

Organic hemp and sunflower oils absorb deep into the skin, up to twice as fast as olive and coconut oils. Using drier oils feels better on the skin.  No greasy residue here!


The Beeswax, Baby and Why We Didn’t Go Vegan:

Honestly, I struggled with this decision. but here are some quick and dirty bullets about why we are using beeswax instead of a vegan alternative:

  • Beeswax is better for the environment than vegan alternate waxes. The vegan alternative that I use is sourced from olives but undergoes a few layers of processing to get the finished product. This processing is not as transparent as the process to obtain beeswax. Furthermore, it takes a TON more olives to produce the same amount of wax that would come from bees. Beeswax is better for the environment because:
    • No bees are harmed. The wax is harvested after the bees have been relocated or built a new home.
    • Less processing occurs. Far less.
    • The environmental footprint is dramatically less, as the vegan alternatives utilize massive amounts of vegetation to produce smaller amounts of wax. Furthermore, bees support the environment through pollination.

I wrote another blog about why our beeswax stands out and you can read that here.


We're Keeping an Open Mind on  Essential Oils:

Most CBD balms on the market use essential oils to mask the smell of the other ingredients, including the potent cannabinoid distillate, and that’s understandable. There's also added therapeutic benefits to many essential oils.

We researched and researched to learn about interactions between cannabinoids and essential oils. We found nothing. There is nothing out there to indicate that essential oils impact the effects of cannabinoids. But we have this on our radar and will keep paying attention to the science. 

Since we want the focus to be on the cannabinoids, the essential oils will rotate. What we have available will vary based on the season.

The good news is, it doesn’t smell like Willie Nelson’s dressing room. It naturally smells nutty and earthy hints from the organic sunflower and hemp oils and a subtle hint of the essential oils we use. 

This cannabinoid balm is different. We hope you see for yourself. 

Thanks for reading. And get you some here.