A word from Eric, our Beeswax Supplier

A word from Eric, our Beeswax Supplier

Eric Low, of Basic Honey, is a fourth generation beekeeper. Brevity uses beeswax in the fan favorite, Deep Moisture Whipped Skin Cream, and if you have ever used it, you can probably smell the beeswax. I asked Eric to share some words of wisdom about beeswax, and why his is the absolute best. I can tell you that after years of working with beeswax, this is hands down, the best quality beeswax we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Here is what Eric has to say on the matter: 

Great quality beeswax is often hard to come by. Truly cared for wax contains a sweet honey scent and is a lighter shade of yellow. To achieve this, you need to really take your time rendering your cappings. Patience is key.

Most industrial systems show little respect for what the bees have worked tirelessly to create. Often getting the wax much too hot for what is needed in order to speed processing time. We do things differently. My father built his own system that yields a wax that is considered by many to be unparalleled. The wax is loaded and heated extremely slowly, never much over 145 degrees. From there, we allow gravity to separate the wax from the honey. That's the first step of filtration. As the wax collects in the first holding tank, it meets a threshold and begins pouring into another holding tank. The majority of the debris will remain in the preliminary tank and as it slowly pours over into the second tank it passes through a light filter. From this second holding tank we pump the wax through a more stringent filter into our molds.

It is through this degree of patience and respect for what the bees have created that yields a wax that is cherished. Being as patient and diligent as the bees themselves and a constant effort to achieve the same level of precision and detail.

Eric Low
4th generation beekeeper and owner of Basic Honey Company

This is why Eric Low and Basic Honey became Brevity's exclusive beeswax supplier. We take pride in the ingredients we use and strive to support small businesses and ethical sourcing methods. 

Thank's for sharing Eric! Check them out at BasicHoney.com.